Screenwriter, Director and Stills Photographer.


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My artistic CV in 3 key-points

Creative / Passionned / Volontary
Marc-Aurèle PALLA

2016/2017: MA Screenwriting.
2015/2016: MA Modern Cinema - Searcher: Violence and modernity in Jia Zhangke's movie A Touch of Sin.
2014/2015: MA Cinema - Searcher: Violence's mise en scene in martial-arts movies since 2000s.
2013/2014: Bachelor's Degree in cinema and theatre - Paris, France.

June 2017: director of Happening (prod. Screen Academy Scotland) (10mn - UK).
January 2017: producer, writer, director of The Game We Play (10mn - UK).
Summer 2016: producer, writer, director of Zone Sûre (3mn - FR).
Mai 2016: writer and director, advert for the French brand of clothing BLACKHOST.
2016: writer and director of four clips for French artist-singer Kahifa Pelao's first album.
2015: producer, writer and director, advert for Haute Couture Angela Tagosh.

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Stills Photographer:

April 2017: Band-Aids (5mn - UK - prod. Screen Academy Scotland)
April 2017: An Old Friend (5mn - UK - prod. Screen Academy Scotland)
March 2017: The Proposal (5mn - UK - prod. Screen Academy Scotland)
October 2016: #Offline (2mn - UK - prod. Screen Academy Scotland)
January 2016: Qu'est-ce tu vas faire de ta life? (FR - TV music video)
November 2015: Hasta Cuando (FR - TV music video)
April 2015: La Question (10mn - FR - prod. Some Movie Projects)
November 2014: Mécaniques du meutre (10mn - FR - prod. Some Movie Projects)

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Private photographer:

8 years of experience as photographer for private shootings and events - Nikon, Canon, Sony - exterior and studio.

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